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Hugh Grant Knew Amanda Platell’s Mother

by | 23rd, November 2011

HAS all the attention from phone hacking and the Leveson Inquiry gone to Hugh Grant’s head? In his testimony, Grant wants to expose what he says are the myths of celebrity hypocrisy and their addiction for publicity. He has spoken well.

Of course, he did tell a BBC interview back in 2003 (spotter: Natalie Peck):

“When I think about actors I know, I’d much rather hear about who they’re shagging than what film they’re doing next.”

To some Grant the man is a public figure, and is there to be shot at. Piers Morgan tweeted this idiocy:

I do hope Nelson Mandela was watching Hugh Grant today, so he now understands what real persecution is all about.

Grant’s not stood for elected office nor grandstanded about crime, race, religion, war, morals or anything else. He just wants to talk about the press.

He manages to explain away that aforesaid opinion by telling the inquiry that his opinion remains true but that doesn’t mean that information should be obtained illegally or unethically”.


But to some he is just a target. Amanda Platell’s piece in the Mail is so laden with bile and catty you can’t help thinking she fancies the actor and her disapproval is rooted some more base stirring, talking of Grant’s “sleazy standards of this oleaginous, womanising lounge-lizard“.

The bylined columnist talks of Grant’s “self adoration“. How those poor, needy women hang on the vain player’s every word. No, not Platell’s Daily Mail‘s sex-starved, tongue-clacking audience… We mean Grant.



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