Anorak News | Loaf Of Bread Saves Woman’s Life: White Sliced Acted As Edible Air Bag

Loaf Of Bread Saves Woman’s Life: White Sliced Acted As Edible Air Bag

by | 27th, November 2011

WHEN Liz Douglas’ Nissan Note hit a telegraph pole and flipped over on the B829 near Inversnaid her life was saved by her white sliced loaf of bread.

The loaf had become wedged between the roof and her head. Says she:

“I was upside down in this ditch, and could feel something under my head, and realised it was the loaf.┬áThe loaf had been thrown from the back seat of the car and landed on the roof of car inside the vehicle in time to cushion my head during its contact with the roof of the vehicle. For some reason the airbags didn’t inflate so the loaf was really the only cushion I had. It helped keep me comfortable the whole time. As far as I’m concerned it stopped my head hitting the top of the car and saved my life.”

As the new saying goes, eat white bread and not be dead:

“I will never be able to eat it because it’s got blood on the front of the wrapper and glass from the cash inside. Now we can see the funny side, but it could have been so much worse and I’m so grateful that I managed to walk away with just cuts and bruises.”

Of course had this accident happened in London the woman would have died, her head hitting a bullet-hard ciabatta. The Scottish diet save lives. Read all about it…

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