Anorak News | Miley Cyrus Is The New Bob Dylan: Singer Worth $120m Patronises The 99% With Liberty Walk

Miley Cyrus Is The New Bob Dylan: Singer Worth $120m Patronises The 99% With Liberty Walk

by | 29th, November 2011

THE Occupy Movement has created a huge amount of interest around the world. People are protesting against the super wealthy and getting pepper-sprayed right in the eye for their trouble. Like any protest movement, it needs a focal point. A leader. Someone with a song.

Naturally, in the past, we’ve had a myriad of protest singers like Pete Seeger, Woodie Guthrie and in later years to some extent, Bruce Springsteen and NWA. Not Bob Dylan. He didn’t give two hoots about the protesters unless they were buying his LPs and gig-tickets.

So who do we have now? Why, it’s Miley Cyrus! That’s right! She’s decided to soundtrack the Occupy Movement with one of those pop songs! It’s got sirens in it and positive messages AND EVERYTHING!

This neatly distracts everyone from her joke in which she told the world she was a massive stoner. Lucky her, with her salvia bong.

Anyway, she’s given the world a song called ‘Liberty Walk‘ and she’s dedicated it to the Occupy Wall Street supporters, complete with a video filled with footage of the protests and police clashes.

It states:

“This is dedicated to the thousands of people who are standing up for what they believe in.”

Now, with the 99% protesting against the few, who fancies telling Miley Cyrus that she was 18 on Forbes list of Hollywood’s highest earners in 2010, with estimated earnings of $48 million. Basically, she’s absolutely in the 1%. The protesters don’t seem to have too much beef with celebrities though, which is peculiar.

Listen to the sound of Miley Cyrus having more balls than 99% of rock bands who are too thick or considered to ever align themselves with anything, ever.


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