Anorak News | Man Cut Off And Ate Own Hand In Insurance Scam: Hu Dunnit?

Man Cut Off And Ate Own Hand In Insurance Scam: Hu Dunnit?

by | 1st, December 2011

TO Taiwan, where a Shilin District Prosecutors’ Office spokesman says suspect Hu Chi-yang ate his own hand in an insurance scam.

Hu’s daughter, Hu Yi-ling, says on a trip to Putian in Fujian Province, China, three muggers attacked her dad. They stole his ring and watch by chopping off his hand.
Luckily, before the  fateful trip Hu invested in insurance policies worth NT$31 million (£660,000, $1,000,000).
And no-one can find the hand. The prosecution says Hu ate it.
After a courtroom row, Hu is freed on bail of NT$700,000 (£15,000, $21,000) and barred from leaving the country.
Hu told the Criminal Investigation Bureau:

“I forget what happened… I am not clear.”

The Putian Public Security Bureau in Fujian says it’s a lie. It says Hu is a victim of  “self-mutilation“. They point to the cleanliness of the cut and Hu’s blood spillt at the scene containing an anaesthetic. Also, M’lud, the owner of a knife shop says Hu bought the meat cleaver that was retrieved nearby and which was stained with Hu’s blood.
All odd, because Hu then remembers:

“This was absolutely not self-inflicted.”

Better, perhaps, had Hu said he was dressed as a small child and repeatedly run over by the crooks. That would have been more plausible…

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