Anorak News | Peter Andre Wins Libel Damages For Katie Price: Harvey Cashes In

Peter Andre Wins Libel Damages For Katie Price: Harvey Cashes In

by | 2nd, December 2011

IN the week OK! magazine leads with an old photo of Katie Price and Peter Andre, and the headline “WE’RE FRIENDS AGAIN FOR THE SAKE OF THE KIDZZZZZZZZZZZ” the BBC reports that Jordan has paid sentimental Peter libel damages for alleging that he cheated on her.

Feel the love.

Andre sued after Price reportedly suggested to Heat magazine and The Graham Norton Show in October 2009 that he’d cheated on her. Andre had just released a song called Unconditional, a syrupy mush of love and flakes of lust. Price questioned the song’s sentiment. She then claimed that Andre had an affair with his manager, Fern Britten look-alike Claire Powell.

And so it is on the record:

“Ms Price withdraws her claim unreservedly and repeats her public statement made in March 2010 in which she accepted that Mr Andre has not had an affair with Ms Powell. Ms Price also accepts that Mr Andre has not lied by publicly stating that he never cheated on her. Ms Price apologises to Mr Andre for the hurt which her claim caused him.”

Andre will pay the compensation into a trust fund for Harvey. Yep, Harvey wins! (You see, Harvey. Mum will give money to dad to give to you. If it works for the Royal Family, it can wok for you.)

Back in OK!, Peter is quoted thus:

I spoke to Katie about the stuff written in the press and I said to her: ‘Isn’t it amazing how people constantly try to make us argue. It’s not fair.”

All and any responses to that can be sent to their lawyers…


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