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Teenage Sex Makes You A Depressed Adult

by | 2nd, December 2011

HAVING sex too young makes a you depressed when older. Why. we’re not sure.It might be something to do with not being able to perform like you did in your pomp.

Live Science reports on a new study on hamsters.

Teen Sex May Affect Brain Development, Study Suggests

Boffins at Ohio State University College of Medicine have been watching adolescent hamsters mating. Oh Brave New World:

John Morris, a doctoral student in psychology at Ohio State, says:

“Having a sexual experience during this time point, early in life, is not without consequence.”

Listen up, cool kids doing arts subjects and sports. The science students have news:

When placed in water, the animals that had sex at 40 days were more likely to stop swimming vigorously, a symptom of depression, than the other three groups. All of the sexually active hamsters showed higher levels of anxiety, measured by willingness to explore a maze, than the virgin hamsters.

Any ideas why the shaggers weren’t into into the swimming and the walking around mazes?

Next week, we take look at why stallions are less keen on walking on the beach in the rain and virgin 19-year-old dolphins spend Saturday nights swimming in circles and string at their flukes…


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