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Graham Linehan On Tony Parsons At The Leveson Inquiry

by | 3rd, December 2011

GRAHAM Linehan has been reading Daily Mirror columnist Tony Parson’s views on celebrities appearing at the Leveson Inquiry into media standards:

Says Parsons:

Tweet: “What is hard to swallow about this enquiry on hacking is that wounded celebs appear to claim parity with the parents of murdered children.”

Tweet: “Wonderful – Hugh Grant telling us what persecution looks like on the same day that three senior Khmer Rouge leaders go on trial in Cambodia.”

Tweet: “Hugh Grant makes a couple of romantic comedies and thinks that makes him Nelson Mandela imprisoned on Robben Island.”

Says Linehan in the FT:

Parsons is one of those celebrities who uses Twitter as a megaphone – patiently sharing their proclamations with the rest of us grateful proles – trying to impose an old media ethos on new media and looking quite comical as a result. Perhaps, if he used the service to connect with people, which is kiiiiiiiiinda the point, he might actually speak to some of the people whose lives have been ruined by the tabloid press and amend his views accordingly.

Then again, maybe that’s why he doesn’t.

Send the man down…

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