Anorak News | Amitabh Chandel Creates A £60,000 Manchester City Shirt For Prince Harry

Amitabh Chandel Creates A £60,000 Manchester City Shirt For Prince Harry

by | 6th, December 2011

INDIAN fashionista designer Amitabh Chandel has created a £60,000 shirt for the “modern day royal man”.
Chandel expresses his motive:

“I wanted, to create a wearable dress for contemporary royals, a dress which can be used practically. Many designers have created royal Achkans, Bandgalas and Kurtas but they are not wearable. This is an attire for contemporary royal. It is the silk, solitaire diamonds and gold buttons that make them costly. These shirts have around 28 carats of diamonds. The price range starts from 50,000 Rupees (£620) to any imaginable figure but so far I have created an attire for 5 million Rupees (£62,000). The price depends on use of diamonds and gems.”

Good luck to him. If Manchester CIty can adopt it as their new kit, he’ll make a bundle.
But in out experience the moden royals like to present themselves as no different to their public and up for larks. The silk and bling can stay, but Prince Harry would prefer the diamonds to be a rough cut, Andrew wants “WMD” written in emeralds on his flies, and Prince Edward  would like to know if the shirt comes in a sewing kit you can make yourself…

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