Anorak News | Jennifer Aniston Traps Skinny Demi Moore In A Bagel

Jennifer Aniston Traps Skinny Demi Moore In A Bagel

by | 6th, December 2011

JENNIFER Aniston has “SAVED 90lb DEMI” Moore.

Not saved as in”she’ll keep…the bitch”, but saved, as in prevented from not eating and withering to nothing.

Aniston has form. In 2008, Grazia reported that Aniston had sent Courteney Cox a chef to “encourage Courtney to start eating better and more regularly”.

We were afforded an insight into the Cox-Aniston eating regime, and how they have indulged in “food mirroring”. Children under the age of seven may know this as “she’s copying me”.

Said Grazia:

“Each morning they both had a bagel with the bread scooped out and for lunch they always ordered the same low-calorie salad of turkey, lettuce, chickpeas, pecorino cheese and lemon dressing.”

And so Aniston is now, reportedly, training Moore how to scoop out the middle of a bagel. It’s not easy. So skinny is Moore that there is every danger she will fall though the hole in the bread roll’s centre, or, worse yet, become trapped and be forced to starve herself out or wear clothes and look “hippy”.

Jen may yet make the problem worse!


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