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Michelina Lewandowska ‘Buried Alive In Box’ Used Ring To Escape

by | 6th, December 2011

AT Leeds Crown Court, Polish woman Michelina Lewandowska, 27, alleges Marcin Kasprzak, 25, the father of her three-year-old son, attacked with a taser gun at their home. She claims Mr Kasprzak bound and gagged her. He then placed her in a cardboard box. She says eh carried her to the boot of his car. He then drove her to woods near to Huddersfield and began to dig. She heard soil being dropped on top of the box. It has, allegedly, been placed in a natural hollow.

She says:

“He was putting the soil on top of me. I wanted to reply. I wanted to put my two fingers through the hole but I was afraid if he could see it he may break my fingers with the shovel… I thought about my ring, that I could take it off my finger and try to cut through the tape with it. I cut the tape from my legs with this ring. I put the ring back on my finger then I put my whole hand through the opening. I was focusing on the hole I had just made. I took my head out from the box through the hole and at that point the soil was getting in.”

She escaped, ran to a road and flagged own passing car.

Kasprzak and Patryk Borys, 18, from Huddersfield, deny attempted murder.

It is unlikely the accused will be getting her a wedding ring.

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