Anorak News | Mel B’s Sister Danielle Says Spice Girl Ignores Her ‘Dying’ Son

Mel B’s Sister Danielle Says Spice Girl Ignores Her ‘Dying’ Son

by | 7th, December 2011

“DANIELLE Brown holds a picture of her beautiful baby boy Hendrix, covered in excruciating sores, his fingers and toes horribly bloated from a killer disease and her eyes filled with tears. It’s been a tough few weeks for the sister of one of Britain’s most famous women.”

Shame on Sarah Brown. Can’t Gordon do something?

No. OK! speaks of Mel B, the former Spice Girl known as Melanie Brown. Her sister’s young son Hendricks has Kawasaki disease. OK!’s font-page ehaldine says:


We are then treated to a view of the family Browns’ skid marked knickers being aired:

OK! At a time like this, you want to be in touch with your big sister…
DB: At a time like this, your family comes together.

OK! Did you call her?
DB: No…Hendrix was in hospital for six weeks previously as he wasn’t breathing properly and she knew about it and didn’t bother getting in touch…

DB: I thought he was dying and I never got a phone call…

OK! … did he congratulate you when Hendrix was born?
DB: No. Nothing.

Danielle says she has no idea why she and her family have been “rejected“.

Later OK! asks if Mel’s current husband Stephen Belafonte would be welcome in her home?

DB: I will never be in his company, Never. Not in million years. I will never have that man around me or my children.

DB than addresses the bizarre accusation that she is trying to be famous through her sister. She tells OK!:

“If I wanted to be famous through my sister I could have made a lot of money saying a lot of things”.

And having said a lot of things, and presumably been pid for them, Danielle’s invites Mel to pick up the phone and make things better.

And it can be made better. In 2001, Jimmy Gulzar, a previous Mr Mel B, was accused of assaulting Danielle. His conviction was quashed. Danielle now says she and Jimmy are great pals. There is hope for Belafonte yet…

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