Anorak News | Natalie Cassidy: OK, All I Need For Christmas Is A Ho Ho Ho (No Pun Intended)

Natalie Cassidy: OK, All I Need For Christmas Is A Ho Ho Ho (No Pun Intended)

by | 13th, December 2011

SKY News reported today on how a recent study has shown that “new mothers are turning to alcohol because they feel under pressure to be super Mums”. They didn’t actually say where the study came from which made me wonder if they just made it up or if the source of their story came from this week’s OK! magazine?

In an interview published in OK! today Natalie Cassidy talks of her use of alcohol while bringing up her daughter Eliza.

The clue to just how cheesy this interview gets comes in the main picture which shows Natalie taking a tray of freshly made mince pies from her grubby oven whilst perching ginger haired Eliza on her hip.

FFS!  These perfectly baked and shaped mince pies are exactly the same perfectly baked and shaped ‘All Classic All Butter Mince Pies’ that come from Marks and Spencer.

Credit must go to OK! here because reading this work of comic genius from Annabel Zammit made me laugh like a hyena at a queef convention.

Here are a few extracts,

Natalie on, boozing (like Jonathan Rhys Meyers) whilst bringing up a baby:

” Yes, chain smoking and drinking red wine every night, but with the kid in bed …..”

On being spanked (and yelping like a zebra) by former boyfriend Adam Cotterell:

“I needed that when I couldn’t speak to Adam, happiness is so important. Everything happens for a reason.”

On her daughter Eliza:

“She’s a big fat gypsy baby.”

On having (a nose like a ski ramp) anger management classes:

“I don’t want it in me anymore .”

On have you had (or think you’ll ever have ) any hot dates?


On is there any person (we need to warn) out there that you fancy?

“Mark Wright ” !

Yes folks, all I need for Christmas is a ho ho ho, OK!

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