Anorak News | Sam Main And Alan Pollock Join The Emma West Public Transport Society: And We Support Team Main (Video)

Sam Main And Alan Pollock Join The Emma West Public Transport Society: And We Support Team Main (Video)

by | 14th, December 2011

THE Emma West Public Transport Society calls Sam Main. The student from Falkirk, central Scotland, was physically thrown off a Scotsrail train from Edinburgh to Perth by, as is alleged, one Allan Pollock. Main did not have the right ticket and the conductor said the train would not move until Main disembarked.

The conductor asks, “Why should they pay and not you?”

Is the answer: because they are mugs paying through the nose for a third-rate service?

Anyhow, someone filmed it. You will see the train worker neither say “please” nor offer Main the chance to buy a new ticket and then sort it out later.  Your will see a burly tosser force the much smaller Main off the train, having approached him from behind. You will hear Main swear. You will not see Main injured as he thrown from the train.

Says Main:

“In the morning I got a ticket from Polmont to Edinburgh Park before 10am, so I wasn’t able to use my railcard to get a return. The guy sold me two singles but they were both for Polmont to Edinburgh. I didn’t realise until later but I thought I’d be able to explain what happened to the conductor on the train.

“I was on my way home from my second exam when it happened. I’m diabetic and hadn’t eaten all day so I was just desperate to get home. I wasn’t given a chance to explain the ticket situation. The conductor just immediately said: ‘That’s the wrong ticket. Off!’ I didn’t even see the other guy coming. He lifted me up from behind and all I could see was chairs and the floor. He chucked me off and I landed right on my face. I tried to get back on to get my bag but I was shoved off again. I did get my bag back after that though. I ended up getting a taxi back to Falkirk. It cost me £20. I did have money to buy another ticket but I wasn’t given the option. I’ve probably spent thousands of pounds on rail travel. I normally use a season ticket but when the exams are on I just buy a ticket on the day. I did pay for my fare, I just didn’t get a chance to tell the conductor what happened.”

Is there anyone who has endured a train ride in the UK that does not have a shred of sympathy for Main? The staff are too often outstandingly unhelpful. Passengers are treated like criminals for daring to get on board and pay for a very expensive ticket later. And at peak time you’re lucky to get a seat.

It’s wonder anyone pays…

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