Anorak News | A thieves guide to Tamara Ecclestone

A thieves guide to Tamara Ecclestone

by | 15th, December 2011

TAMARA Ecclestone always reminds me of one of those spoiled little rich bitches that flitter from one exclusive boutique to the next looking like gold bars with hair and cocoa dusting. As it is, she’s just a rallying point for the anti-banking and greed movement.

This week in an At Home feature with Tamara, Hello! magazine published a series of  smiling perma-tan pictures with enough evidence of spoiled child to make half of Albania start typing draft ransom notes.

Hello! go into some detail here as they both photographed and described the interior of Tamara’s Chelsea home. They asked her lots of dumb-ass questions too, the best of which was where a mega-rich bag carrier would like to spend her Christmas this year. In the Maldives apparently.

Thanks to Daily Mail last week everyone knows that Tamara owns a £500,000 handbag collection (including several Birkins). According to them her handbags are stored in her dressing room.  Now, with the help of Hello! magazine everyone knows that Tamara is jetting off to the Maldives for Christmas. Does she take her handbags with her or leave them behind?

Chances are thosse bags live a better life than 99% of the population. Occupy Wardrobe. Now!



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