Anorak News | Jesy Nelson’s brother Johnny in cocaine sting: Little Mix star attacked

Jesy Nelson’s brother Johnny in cocaine sting: Little Mix star attacked

by | 17th, December 2011

JESY Nelson’s brother has, allegedly, sold cocaine to a reporter. (Well, it is Christmas in Wapping.) The Sun’s front-page news is that Little Mix singer Jesy Nelson’s brother Johnny Nelson, sold the Sun’s reporter “Class A drug cocaine from his Smart car“, allegedly. Not a bicycle. Not a BMW 3 series with blacked out windows and furry dice. A Smart Car. The Sun is damning in the details.

And do not doubt that it is damning. As the Sun says:

Our probe will be a blow to Jesy, 20, and Little Mix who are proud of a squeaky-clean image.

Image? What image? The X Factor winners Little Mix look like four extra from Lord of Rings. The apparent blow to Little Mix is that the tuneless foursome are front-page news.

Teetotal Jesy and X Factor-winning bandmates Perrie Edwards, 18, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, 19, and Jade Thirlwall, 18, have made a stand against drugs and booze.

How? By not shagging Frankie Cocozza?

The Sun’s Stephen Moyes then takes us to the alleged crime scene:

The handover of 1.3 grams of cocaine was due to take place behind Sainsbury’s car park in Hornchurch, Essex.

The venue was changed to “70 yards” away:

He pulled up in a lay-by at the side of a theatre in the black Smart car and honked the horn to alert our reporter.

The drugs dealer arrives by car and honks his horn to alert the customer he’s never met before that he haas the drugs?

Go on:

Wearing a beanie hat and slouched in his seat, he wound down the window and gave a nod of acknowledgement.

Any police tuning in should take notes. This might look like an alleged drugs deal scripted by the Hollyoaks writing team, but it’s real. We imagein that the car was playing JJ Cales’s Cocaine over the car stereo, and the dealer was wearing a white suit and telling the reporter, “It’s Cubans like you who are giving a bad name to our people.

Moyes adds:

He then handed over the drugs in two, inch-long rectangular “wraps”. The coke had been tightly packaged in folded used Lottery tickets.

It’s recycling at its best, readers.

And lest you think this is none of your business and if a reporter wants to buy cocaine it;s his affair, Moyes chills us with:

The deal, yards from Christmas shoppers and women walking with children, was over in seconds. Nelson then swiftly reversed and sped off.

Oh please tells he did a wheel spin and reversed up a one-way street?

Meanwhile, the Sun’s man has some cocaine. Or does he? He needs to test it. But reporters don’t touch drugs. He might as well be holding an elephant. He needs an expert. Pete Doherty? No. Too busy. And he might destroy the evidence. He takes the drugs to “a scientific firm“.

The stuff turns out to be “benzocaine (a cutting agent), and cocaine”.

Yep. No Ajax, rat poison, Vim, sherbet dib-dab, dandruff, salt or sugar. All cocaine. If Jesy Nelson’s brother Johnny is a drugs dealer, he’s a bloody fair one.

A source arrives:

“This will devastate Jesy. She is desperate that nothing rocks her roller-coaster path to fame and fortune.”

See front-page news story on Jesy Nelson. And see the Sun’s other front-page news on how Jesy Nelson’s dad John Nelson, 46, was “jailed after an amateur boxer was stabbed to death outside a club 26 years ago. He was dubbed the ‘Disco Killer’ when he was convicted of murder.But he was later cleared on appeal and instead served a shorter sentence for affray.

The Sun also tells us:

Jesy’s mother Janis is a police community support officer in Canvey Island, Essex.

Is Jesy Nelson the designated tabloid victim, who will have her life torn apart in public? Looks like it…

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