Anorak News | George Packard plays dress up at Trinity Church: Occupy Wall Street’s new home

George Packard plays dress up at Trinity Church: Occupy Wall Street’s new home

by | 18th, December 2011

GEORGE Packard is not climbing Jacob’s ladder – he’s climbing ladder into a fenced off lump of land by New York’s Trinity Church in Duarte Square. The former Anglican Bishop wants it as the new home of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The Church is not so keen. The  New York Post says George Packard’s climb got him arrested along with a bunch of protesters.

Says Packard on his Occupied Bishop blog (on which we learn that George Packard is a Pisces):

“Trinity might mobilize platoons of police in riot gear and ring this sad little place with multiple barricades. No room at this Inn!”

Desmond Tutu, Bishop of Cape Town, adds his thoughts:

Sisters and Brothers, I greet you in the Name of Our Lord and in the bonds of common friendship and struggle from my homeland of South Africa. I know of your own challenges and of this appeal to Trinity Church for the shelter of a new home and I am with you! May God bless this appeal of yours and may the good people of that noble parish heed your plea, if not for ease of access, then at least for a stay on any violence or arrests.

In the West we are not used to Christians being so obviously political and confrontational. Is it a good thing that they are taking sides? Or are Anglicans just tying themselves in knots?

A few last thoughts: the video shows that George Packard is a retired bishop who still likes to wear his magenta uniform. Does he still even represent the Church? And isn’t wearing your old work clothes in your retirement a bit, well, vain and sad? Isn’t Occupy Wall Street about the powerless individual taking on big corporations and institutionalised greed? What bigger Corps is there than the Church?

And in the wagon:

[Mother Jones]


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