Anorak News | Jerome Isaac murdered Delores Gillespie by burning her to death in a lift

Jerome Isaac murdered Delores Gillespie by burning her to death in a lift

by | 18th, December 2011

DOLORES Gillespie, 54, (also said to called Deloris Gillespie and Delores Gillespie in reports) was murdered, allegedly, by Jerome Isaac, 47, who sprayed her with petrol then set her on fire with a Molotov Cocktail in the lift of her Brooklyn, New York, apartment block at 203 Underhill Avenue.

Jerome Isaac has been charged with first-degree murder and arson today. He surrendered himself to police.

Jerome Isaac did not live in the same block as Dolores Gillespie. He was, apparently, waiting for her to return from a shopping trip. Earlier, someone had poured glue into the locks on her front door. The NY Post sas he had left a note on Gillespie’s door with a list of chores he was demanding payment for.

A Dorinda Thomas tells the New York Daily News:

“She was so scared of this guy. She was desperately scared of him. She knew that something was going to happen to her in that building. She knew this and everyone around here knew this.”

The horror was caught on CCTV.

Why Jerome Isaac allegedly committed murder we do not know. But the NY Post is masterclass in lurid tabloid reporting, peppering its reprots with words: “madman”, “wonderful woman”, “monster”, “fiend”, ” vicious sicko”,  “she didn’t have any enemies” and “blood-curdling screams”.

It’s a hideous story. But you wonder whether the NY Post enjoys telling it a little too much…


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