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Mug Shot Of The Year: Korin Vanhouten goes cosmic

by | 19th, December 2011

MUG Shot of The Day – and possibly of the year (compare and contrast) features the face of 47-year-old Korin Vanhouten, who along with Eldon Alexander, 36, has been arrested for shoplifting. While Vanhouten (any distinguishing features, officer?) and Alexander were being questioned by the police at WinCo Foods in Ogden, Utah, someone broke into their car and took a stereo, ciggies and a ..drum machine.

Having been released by the police, the shoplifters then flag down a police car to report ther break in to their own vehicle.

You, of course, want to know what was shoplifted. Well, Alexander and Vanhouten were caught stealing makeup, energy bars and batteries. All three may well explain the look of cosmic shock on Vanhouten’s face.

Pass the Snickers

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