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Robbie Savage is the pundit who never was

by | 20th, December 2011

WHAT news of former Blackburn Rovers player Robbie Savage, of whom Tess Daly said, “You came here a footballer and you’re leaving a dancer”?

This is noble Savage, of whom referee Graham ‘The Thing from Tring’ Poll, reportedly, noted as saying to him on the pitch, “I’ve got more money than you — loads more money.

As Savage said after being voted off Strictly Come Dancing:

People didn’t know who I was before I came to this how. I was not a nice person on the football pitch. Hopefully I changed people’s perception. I’m just an ordinary decent guy.”

And so it came to pass that Savage – blonde hair, luminous tan, day-glow teeth and thin-skinned temperament (he once did a poo in referee’s toilet and left it there to float) – found his natural place. Not football. Pro-celebrity ballroom.

Former Blackburn Rovers player Robbie Savage is now a top media bloke.

Recently he’s been working as pundit. He tells BBC radio 5 Live:

“Get rid of the [Blackburn] manager, simple as that. Win, lose or draw, get rid of him. The fans aren’t enjoying watching them, it is a bad atmosphere around the club – it is not the same club. The guy is inexperienced at that level and Blackburn are rubbish.”

Demanding that a man be sacked and put out of work… Is that nice?

This is the Robbie Savage who back in 2005 opined:

“I wouldn’t want to be a pundit. I’m in the fortunate position to have enough money to retire. I wouldn’t want to slaughter my ex team mates to earn a few quid.”

Anyone know if he’s getting paid for saying contentious things to a deadline?

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