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Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoum, Nivin El Gamal and super rich chavs

by | 23rd, December 2011

WAS Nivin El Gamal married to Dubai’s Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoum, a royal sat on an oily £19 billion fortune? She says they married in a secret ceremony at his Knightsbridge flat in 2007. He says they didn’t. Al Maktoum calls El Gamal an “occasional sexual partner”. He says she was a “courtesan”.

She says the baby she had was his. He took a DNA test under the name Robert Smith to prove he wasn’t the baby’s father. Only, he was. The Sheikh has never met baby Saaed but he has paid maintenance. And Miss El Gamal does live in a £3m home in a decent bit of London.

To further excite us, in 2008, Al Maktoum married his older cousin.

As El Gamal said in 2010:

“I was content to have a secret marriage with him because I understood that as a member of the royal family he may not want the huge publicity. I knew that traditionally his family would marry from his own kin and therefore I was not what his family would accept.”

The matter of El Gamal versus Al Maktoum has come before the High Court. And Mr Justice Bodey has agreed with El Gamal. That’s the good news for her. The bad news is that the marriage has no validity in English law, so she gets no cash to raise the lad.

The rest of us just marvel at how the superrich get away with behaving in a way that has seen an entire demographic labelled an underclass and chavs…

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