Anorak News | Mel Gibson sends wife Robyn to hell with half his Reformation Church

Mel Gibson sends wife Robyn to hell with half his Reformation Church

by | 26th, December 2011

MEL Gibson has given his ex-wife and mother to his seven children Robyn £272.5million. That’s half of all the cheating, apparent anti-Semitic (“f***ing Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world”), nigger-spouting (he, reportedly, told Oksana Grigorieva.: “If you get raped by a pack of n*****s, it’s all your fault”), alleged coiner of student T-shirt slogans (again to Grigorieva: “I’ll burn the goddamn house up but blow me first. I DESERVE it”) actor’s assets.

Assets such as the £9 million private Mago island in Fiji, £19 million ranch in Costa Rica, £26 million Catholic Holy Family Chapel in Agoura Hills, California. Yeah, a church. It’s not a divorce, it’s a schism. No, it’s the Reformation.

Mel and Robyn’s marriage was doomed. But while she gets the money she also get’s eternal damnation, as told by Mel, the ardent Catholic who divorced. As he told the New Yorker:

“There is no salvation for those outside the Catholic Church. Put it this way. My wife is a saint. She’s a much better person than I am. Honestly. She’s, like, Episcopalian, Church of England. She prays, she believes in God, she knows Jesus, she believes in that stuff. And it’s just not fair if she doesn’t make it, she’s better than I am. But that is a pronouncement from the chair. I go with it.”

Take you money, Robyn, but you’re as good as cooked on a red hot poker. It’s Mel who will inherit the world (Lethal Gibson 6: Inherit The World – call me, Hollywood, I have ideas).

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