Anorak News | Pre-op transsexual Kerry Marshall duped bankers into thinking she was Katie Price

Pre-op transsexual Kerry Marshall duped bankers into thinking she was Katie Price

by | 28th, December 2011

WHAT news of Kerry Marshall, the 36E pre-op transsexual previously known as Tyler Meadows who impersonated Katie Price, aka Jordan, to steal thousands of pounds from the model’s bank accounts?

Kerry Marshall, 18, posed as a member of Katie Price’s security to get into the reality TV star’s Sussex home. She obtained details of Price’s bank accounts. Then, dressed in a blonde wig and sunglasses, Marshall went to an HSBC and withdrew £1,000 and £1,500 from the cashier. Furthermore, Marshall used Katie Price’s accounts to buy a Mazda sports car, jewellery and other stuff Katie would never buy.

Price only became aware of the scam when her credit cards were declined.

In a Lincolnshire court, Marshall pleaded guilty to five charges of fraud in September and October 2011.

Judge Sean Morris told her:

“These are very serious offences. All options are open.”

The story is interesting because either the bank cashier does not know who Katie Price was and car dealers are not fazed by the owner of bright pink Range Rover investing in a used Mazda MX5, or else impersonating the glamour model requires only a massive pair of Jordans and nylon hair. In which case, the real Katie Price can take a well-earned break from her professional life and use a stand-on made from bits of Worzel Gummidge, Aunt Sally and a joke shop Jimmy Savile.

It also suggests that Marshall – who at the time had a penis – thought she looked enough like Katie Price to get away with her caper. These are sobering times for La Price…

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Model Jordan shows off Sock shop's new Valentine's basque after removing a specially designed coat made from daffodil badges - the symbol used by the Marie Curie Cancer Care charity - in Cheapside, London to support their Daffodil Campaign.


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