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Three theories why Anuj Bidve was murdered

by | 28th, December 2011

ANUJ Bidve was murdered in Salford. Two men approached the Indian student at 1.35am on Boxing Day. One man shot Anuj Bidve in the head. Why? We have no idea. But the media is using the phrase “racially motivated attack” freely.

The Guardian it typical:

Police have said they are keeping open the possibility the attack was racially motivated, and added that the investigation was moving very quickly.

Well, police did say all options are open. They do not know why Anuj Bidve was shot dead.The racially motivated angle is just one theory. The question is: did the police promote it or were they just fielding a question from a journalist?

Four men have been arrested. One is 19. One is 16. Two are 17, respectively. Two are being held on suspicion of murder.

As for the witnesses, Mr Bidve was with eight friends. Sheetal Patel, 25, had been driving along the Ordsall Road where Mr Bidve was shot. His friends waved her car down. She says Bidve’s friends told her the two males asked what time it was in a “very short” conversation.

The Times of India hears this and reports:

Anuj Bidve, the unfortunate young man who lost his life in an “unprovoked” attack by a stranger in the UK, might have been killed after failing to tell the gunman the correct time.

It was a test? Usually when anyone asks you the time at 1:35am by an estate an Salford it’s to see if you have a watch or phone they can rob.

The Mirror adds:

Anuj Bidve “was killed for not answering a simple question – ‘What’s the time?”‘, according to a Facebook tribute group set up by a fellow student in the 23-year-old’s memory.

If true, it almost elevates the racist angle into the realms of sanity. Would anyone kill over the correct time?

Says Mrs Patel:

“I don’t know who told them [Bidve and his friends] to walk to Manchester at that time of the morning through that estate. Everyone knows not to walk through that estate. It’s rough.”

So far three theories are being put about: racism; the wrong time; and the Ordsall estate being rough. Do we believe any of them?

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