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Billy Corgan: Wrestler And Tea Room Opener

by | 30th, December 2011

CLEARLY out of musical ideas, Billy Corgan has forgotten all about that whole Smashing Pumpkins thing and decided to branch out a little.

So what’s he up to? Painting? All musicians think they can paint. Or maybe he’s scoring a musical? Nope. He’s not smart enough. Acting then? Imagine Billy Corgan in the lead role of a film, with his little cue-ball head and shrill voice. Not on your Nelly.

Oddly, Corgan is moving into the world of tea-cups and greased men pawing at each other in their swimming trunks!

That’s right, Billy Corgan first announced that he was starting his own wrestling organisation. Sadly, he’s not going to be wrestling himself, as much as we’d like to see it. And away from that, the singer is planning to open a Chinese-style tea house in the ‘burbs of Chicago.

He believes that: “[there’s a] lack of culture for someone in their 30s or 40s [in the area]. I think for such a nice place you need places to go and meet people and exchange ideas. That’s the idea for the tea house … a place to gather.”

Despite all his rage, he’s still just a rat in a cage.

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