Anorak News | Teach your iPhone4 S to swear like John Terry

Teach your iPhone4 S to swear like John Terry

by | 31st, December 2011

THE iPhone 4S has told Charlie Le Quesne: “Shut the f*ck up, you ugly t*at.”

Charlie Le Quesne is 12. He was playing with the iPhone 4s with its voice technology in a branch of TEsco in Coventry. He asked it: “How many people are there in the world?”

The answer was unusual.

The story prompts two questions:

Was the iPhone S set in John Terry Mode and actually said, “Oi, Charlie, do you think I told you ‘Shut the fu*k up you ugly twat?“?

And was Charlie shocked or delighted?

Charlie’s mum, Kim, tells us:

“I asked for the manager and after staff heard it they agreed to unplug it. I couldn’t see the funny side.” Staff told her that someone had tampered with the phone’s set-up instructions. The Siri system addresses the phone’s user by name – using information entered in its contact system.  But someone had entered the obscene seven-word phrase as the user’s name, so the phone blurted it out when it answered a question.”

Yep, 12-year-old boys – that’s how you do it. That’s how you get mum’s phone to saw sweary words. Now go and have fun.


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