Anorak News | Whitney Houston spent last hours with OK! (not)

Whitney Houston spent last hours with OK! (not)

by | 15th, February 2012

WHITNEY Houston’s death has not escaped the showbiz experts at OK! magazine. The current issue features a black border, Whitney Houston’s life dates and the tagline “IN LOVING MEMORY”. OK! never did get to do an at home with Houston, give her gardens, kitchen and linen the once over but it did meet her. As the cover trills:


Hours before her death, Whitney Houston had spent the day with OK! magazine?! Now this is provident scoop.

Amid 22 pages of “tribute“, we meet “friend of OK!” Kalvin Ryder. He spenttime with Whitney just hours before she died“. So. Whitney was not with OK! for the day hours before she died, as the front-page headline says. She was seen by a “celebrity stylist“, who tell us”

“I was lucky enough to have seen Whitney in her final day.”

Many others saw her: the staff at the Beverly Hilton Hotel; her friends; people in the street; people in cars; Princess Diana; backstage crew; a boy picking his nose; the list goes one. But only Ryder has access to OK!. He saw Houston “in attendance” at a rehearsal for Clive Davis’s pre-Grammy’s party. Like Ryder, Whitney was there to see others who would appear in the show. Says Ryder:

“She looked radiant and fresher than I’d seen her in ages…”

And..? And nothing. That is the sum of the day OK! spent with Whitney Houston. Yours for £1.99. Hey,. it si the “official tribute”…


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Rising star Whitney Houston is seen with music producer Clive Davis, in 1983, shortly after signing a contract with Arista Records. (AP Photo)

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