Anorak News | James Bulger: Robert Thompson gets compensation for News of The World hacking his phone

James Bulger: Robert Thompson gets compensation for News of The World hacking his phone

by | 19th, February 2012

JAMES Bulger is back in the news. Denise Fergus, mother of the toddler murdered by Jon Venables an Robert Thomson in 1993, is upset that Thompson may be due a pay out for, reportedly, having his phone hacked by the News of The World.

Says Mrs Fergus, 44:

“It would be a terrible insult to James’ memory if the animal who murdered him was receive to a payment. He cannot be allowed to benefit from the wicked crime that he committed in robbing James of his life.”

So. What do to, then?

“If his phone was hacked that is wrong. But the only reason that they were interested in him was that fact that he murdered my son. If there is to be compensation paid then all the money should go to charity and if his lawyers had a shred of decency that’s what they would advise him to do. I’m challenging them now to say that any money involved in this will go to charity. Anything else would be outrageous.”

The only reason the hacks wer interested in John Prescott was because he was the deputy prime minister. Should he donate his pay out to the taxpayer?

Mrs Fergus set up the James Bulger Memorial Trust (JBMT) last year to provide holidays for deserving children.

She adds:

“But I do think that if Thompson gets paid blood money then it puts him more at risk that someone will recognise him or find out his true identity and attack him. If he accepts money from the News of the World then he is making himself a target for someone who decides enough is enough. It just cannot be right for him to get this money and I am going to do everything in my power to make sure it does not happen.”

A debate ensues. But isn’t the real scandal that a man the taxpayer paid to protect with a new identity had that compromised by someone in the justice system happy to sell his phone details and name to the press…

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