Anorak News | Multi-millionaire Surrey girl show off Adele swears at the ‘suits’

Multi-millionaire Surrey girl show off Adele swears at the ‘suits’

by | 22nd, February 2012

DID you see Adele stick her middle finger up after winning Best Album at the Brits? Adle explained that her sweary digit was for “the suits, not the fans”.

As she said:

“Can I just say sorry for swearing? I flung the middle finger at the suits, not the fans, I want people to know that. Sorry if I offended anyone, but the people in suits offended me. I wasn’t swearing at the fans, but I didn’t get to complete my thank you speech!”

By suits we hoped she meant One Direction, who all wore suits to the Brit Awards in the hope of looking smooth and City, but wound up looking like office juniors on their first day at work.

Adele was actually telling the people in the music business to stick it, the ones who helped her get rich, not the people who buy her stuff. Those suits can just f*** right off. Adele, a woman who showcases her vulnerability in song, keeps it real. Sure, some of them might have worked hard to get success but Adele is with the masses.

Back in June 2011, the Mail estimated Adele was worth around £6m. She’s worth a lot more than that now. Adele lives in a £6million, 10 bedroom, 25-acre, two swimming pool Surrey mansion. You might have seen it on the telly when Adele invited Anderson Cooper for a tour on the CBS show 60 Minutes?

Adele doesn’t like the money men and the suits. So much does she not like them that she now lives among them. Well, some of them might have bought her record – and made her rich. She’s done well, has Adele. But if you are going to flaunt your cash you can’t expect to be liked for it…


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