Anorak News | #RIPGreggJevin – twitter grieves for man

#RIPGreggJevin – twitter grieves for man

by | 24th, February 2012

ON Twitter #RIPGreggJevin is trending. Gregg Jevin has died. Only, he hasn’t. He’s been made up. The knowing gather for the dumb show. (Anorak will have photos of Gregg Jevin’s death shed soon). Michael Legge broke the news:

@WstonesOxfordSt#RIPGreggJevin Eighteen very well researched and not at all rushed biographies of Gregg Jevin have already been commissioned.

 @michaellegge: Sad to say that Gregg Jevin, a man I just made up, has died.#RIPGreggJevin
@BBCBreaking : Blair to make statement in next few minutes about Gregg Jevin, the man who found nuclear weapons in Iraq #RIPGreggJevin
@MooseAllain: There will be 2 minutes silence at 11am GMT today as we try to remember Gregg Jevin. #RIPGreggJevin
Anofreak#nowplaying Gregg Jevin – Knockin on Jevins Door #RIPGreggJevin
@charltonbrooker: Devastated by the loss of Gregg Jevin #RIPGreggJevin
kingswing72The irony of the Sun on Sunday being launched the same week of his death would not be lost on Gregg Jevin #RIPGreggJevin #SoS
 @TheMichaelMoran: Independent will be publishing Johann Hari’s unique face-to-face interview with Gregg Jevin in a special supplement tomorrow.#RIPGreggJevin
ham_napkinRT @TheSunNewspaper EXCLUSIVE: First images of Gregg Jevin’s “Death Bath”.
BBC tribute: @gibbonmonkey83; Google: John Crossland

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