Anorak News | Legalise marijuana and help people like Xeni Jardin

Legalise marijuana and help people like Xeni Jardin

by | 24th, February 2012

BOING BOING’S Xeni Jardin has breast cancer. Marijuana helps to alleviate the symptoms.

Writes Bucky Turco:

Due to the side effects, doctors often prescribe pricey medicine to help deal with the nausea and vomiting, but as she noted on Twitter earlier today, there’s a much cheaper (and more natural) alternative: “Chemo-nomics. Here’s $500 worth of a drug that works, 3 doses, vs $100 or less of medical cannabis, many many doses.”

Legalise it. Cannabis can help people. Give people the choice. Who’s body is it? Why can seeking a drug that can help make your life more bearable make you a criminal? Is it all about the money?

Image: Brian Shutt, a medical marijuana patient, displays his receipt showing the free gram of marijuana he received from the Magnolia Wellness medical marijuana dispensary on it’s last day of business, in Orangevale, Calif., Friday, Dec. 16, 2011. As a going away present the alternative care dispensary gave each customer a free gram of high-quality pot. Magnolia Wellness is among dozens of dispensaries that are closing since California’s four U.S. attorneys announced in October that they are cracking down on marijuana cultivation and retail sales.

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