Anorak News | Hog roasts instill ideas of massacre

Hog roasts instill ideas of massacre

by | 29th, February 2012

FROM now on spit-roasting entire cows on the streets of Phnom Penh is banned. Tourists to Cambodia beware.
A meeting of the supreme council of the Mohanikaya Buddhist order decided that roasting carcasses in public glorified the killing of animals.
Sky News quotes council member Chhoeng Bunchhea:
“Grilling cows in front of the restaurants is a show of support for violence in a country that believes in the Buddhist religion. It can instill the ideas of a massacre to a child and push them to commit violence in society. We want a non violent culture and happiness in society.”
Those with tickets to the Friends of Tony Blair Hog Roast and Prayer Meeting should convene at the slaughterhouse at the usual time…

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