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Levenseindekliniek: The mobile Dutch euthanasia clinic

by | 1st, March 2012

FIRST the Dutch kill off England, then they roll out the Levenseindekliniek, a mobile euthanasia clinic to kill the old (and their dogs). (Insert joke about popping clogs here.)

Walburg de Jong is a spokeswoman for the Right to Die-NL society. To qualify for a State-sponsored offing, you need to be over 18 – if you;re 17, you need to ask mum or dad:

1. You must face a future of unbearable, interminable suffering.
2. You and your doctor must agree that there is no cure for what ails you.
3. Your doctor must verify both of the above with at least one other independent physician.
4. You must be mentally alert (get off Facebook, please, this is serious) when making your request for euthanasia.
5. Your request must be voluntary and persist over time.
6. Your case must be reported to one of five special commissions, each consisting of a doctor, a jurist, and an ethical expert, who must verify that criteria 1-5 have been observed.

In other words, your body is not your own to do as you wish with. If a doctor won’t end your life, you need to find someone who will, without turning that someone into a criminal.

The Levenseindekliniek is recruiting.

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