Anorak News | Bobby Brown lived in a car so Whitney Houston could go to rehab

Bobby Brown lived in a car so Whitney Houston could go to rehab

by | 5th, March 2012

SO, now that Whitney Houston is dead, we can all say what we like about her because she has no feelings. What gossip is floating around about her? Well, first up, she’s strongly rumoured to have had an affair with Jermaine Jackson (a man hellbent on getting a career out of famous corpses) in ’84.

Allegedly, Jermaine was married to Motown founder Berry Gordy’s daughter at the time, which is nice. He didn’t join the Jacksons’ move to Epic from Motown because of his love for Little Gordy, but alas, found time to (allegedly) dip his wick in Whitney. She was supposedly so besotted with him that she recorded Saving All My Love for You, with a Jermaine lookalike in the video.

In Jermaine’s memoir, he said of Whitney that, “ultimately, we had to go our separate ways and it killed us both.” Oddly, despite his colourful private life, younger brother Michael Jackson tutted at him about it all until he returned to wife Hazel.

“They were lovers,” the friend said. “In those early days with Whitney, he was smuggled into her hotel rooms, they worked extra late in the studio and she even had a codename for him.”

Jackson went on to divorce Hazel and later remarry, and Houston wound up in a disastrous marriage with R&B bad boy Bobby Brown. Disastrous you say? Not according to Bob. See, he’s now claiming that he was so dedicated to his daughter Bobbi Kristina that he paid $10,000 to send Houston to rehab.

Documents were received by RadarOnline and they say that it broke him so much that he was living out of his car.

In the court documents, Bobby states:

“Whitney took Bobbi Kris without my prior knowledge or consent, and moved to Orange County, California, where Whitney received treatment for her drug addiction…. Although I was having severe financial problems, I did all I could to see my daughter.”

He adds:

“I also paid approximately $10,000 for Whitney and Bobbi Kris to live in a nice hotel while Whitney was going through rehab. At the same time, I basically lived out of my car.”

After their divorce in 2007, a prenuptial agreement surfaced, which showed that Whitney would not owe Bobby anything, and he would not owe her any spousal support either.

What a bastard, eh?


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