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Michael Jackson files stolen by hackers?

by | 5th, March 2012

WHEN someone says that they’ve landed a load of files of Michael Jackson’s be hacking, you can be forgiven for immediately thinking that some smut will turn up in the turns of earth. Legally, we probably shouldn’t speculate on what kind of bongo film switched Jackson’s groin on.

Instead, we’ll point out that, in this instance, the files that were swiped were actually music files. A large number of them in fact.

Hackers broke into Sony who signed a $250 million deal with Jackson’s estate in 2010, the year after the singer’s death, which would see the release of 10 albums covering previously unreleased material and his back catalogue. However, someone got at them.

And over the weekend, two men appeared in court accused of offenses connected with the alleged security breach after arrest in May. According to the Serious Organized Crime Agency (great name for an organisation), they were remanded on bail and were due to stand trial in January next year.

Sony Music did not have an immediate comment to make on the allegations, and the IFPI record industry lobby group declined to comment on an ongoing investigation. What was confirmed by ubiquitous sources, was that tens of thousands of files (most of them by Jackson) were allegedly downloaded illegally. Some of the files were entire tracks while others were mere snippets.

In other, completely unrelated news, does anyone want this blank tape of unreleased MJ songs off us?


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