Anorak News | Madeleine McCann’s kidnapper spotted in South Turramurra

Madeleine McCann’s kidnapper spotted in South Turramurra

by | 11th, March 2012

MADELEINE McCann: Anorak’s look at the missing child in the news: Madeleine McCann’s kidnapper spotted in South Turramurra:

Australia’s Daily Telegraph reports:

Echoes of Maddie in abduction attempt of six-year-old girl at South Turramurra – Audrey has spoken out about the attempted abduction of her daughter, 6, at a park in South Turramurra last month.


A DISTRAUGHT mother whose child was nearly abducted from a north shore park says she is haunted by the ordeal, likening it to the infamous Madeleine McCann case.

And that’s how she gets her child media coverage. Of course, we do not know what happened to Madeleine McCann. But she is the media’s benchmark for missing children.

Says Audrey, who does not want her surname known:

“It makes me sick … it haunts me … and I feel very frightened for the public. As a mum, it’s your worst nightmare – this man had the intent to take my daughter and not bring her back. The one that comes to mind for me is the Madeleine McCann case (and) I think about that family (and) the way that family must feel.”

Madeleine McCann is missing…

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