Anorak News | Tabloids spend another day trying to make lottery winner Matt Topham miserable

Tabloids spend another day trying to make lottery winner Matt Topham miserable

by | 12th, March 2012

MATT Topham and Casey Carrington, the £45m lottery winners, have given £1.3million to their best friend Eddie Smith. How great is that? Matt’s a good bloke, isn’t he. Casey’s cool. Look after your mates and you can go on holiday with them and share the cost of nights out.

The Mirror reported that the couple have splashed out on a £249,000 house on a cul-de-sac in Nottinghamshire.

That followed the Mirror’s news that Casey and Matt has been “forced” out of their £80,000 former council house by burglars. The Mail had news of his secret misery.

It’s not too hard to spot Matt and Casey given that he now owns a £109,000 on a Jaguar XKR-S and Cassey a £50,000 white Range Rover Evoque, car identified by the Mirror, which also published a photo of their new home.

But since their winners’ photocall the pair have not spoken to the press. Although, Matt’s mother Julie has, the woman he has not spoken to for seven years. So. Instead of tales of modest and loyal Matt, the Sun uses its front page to make him look like a bit of a git:

Matt, from Stapleford, Notts, has not given a penny to his estranged mum Julie, with whom he had a bitter falling-out.

On Page 5, we see Julie and the caption beneath her photo: “MUM: £0.”

Julie, 49, is back talking to the paper:

“I’ve heard about Matt and Cassey giving the cash to Eddie and I say good luck to them all. I don’t expect any of the money and don’t want any. I’d just like to see Matt again and have him explain why he has banned me from his life.”

What’s odd about this story is that Matt and Casey have said nothing to the Sun. Matt’s dad Andrew says, “We have no comment.” Eddie Smith is “unavailable” for comment. The only named people to speak to the Sun have been Julie and Julie’s mother, Betty Gordon, who told the paper:

“She hasn’t spoken to me or her sister for six years She just cut herself off from the family. Julie has hurt my grandson too much. If she thinks she’s getting anything out of this she’s mistaken.”

Which makes us wonder if the Sun pays for Julie’s snub ‘n’ tell – and if Matt has boosted his mum’s finances after all?

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