Anorak News | Marie Osmond wets herself – a video

Marie Osmond wets herself – a video

by | 14th, March 2012

YOU know you are getting old when Marie Osmond has a senior moment and wets herself on stage. Marie was with poster-boy Donny for the Donny and Marie Cruisin’ With Friends tour, when a man in the crowd asked the 52-year-old a question. Marie laughs. Maries yells:

“I just peed my pants!”

Cue clapping, whooping and cheering. Will Marie go for an encore and lay a starry tue on the stage? Save it for the telethon, Marie. Don’y peak too early. You can only go so far with this.

The famous really aren’t like the rest of us. When a child went themselves, they get told off. When a 52-year-old wets themselves in public, everyone else moves down the bus and gives looks of pity and revulsion…

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