Anorak News | Husband’s sudoku sex with a sodomised iPhone

Husband’s sudoku sex with a sodomised iPhone

by | 20th, March 2012

THE Sunday Sport has a story about Eric from Bridlington, North Yorkshire, where it’s always 1972:

Hapless Eric Ferguson was supposed to send a message to his missus Olivia saying: “Loving a bit of sudoku with Big Mark from work. He’s shown me how to do it and I am ashamed to admit that I really enjoy it.”

But the factory manager’s iPhone inserted the word “sodomy” instead, prompting heartbroken 34-year-old Olivia to attack him on the Internet social networking website, branding him a closet homosexual.

Says Eric:

“I had some explaining to do when I got home. l like newspaper puzzles, not other men’s bumholes”

And Olivia added: “I was angry and sickened in equal measure, but we can share a laugh about it now.”

The real Su Doku is a lap-dancer from Melton Mowbray.

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