Anorak News | Professor Paul Frampton, the “well-known model” and bag of cocaine in Buenos Aires

Professor Paul Frampton, the “well-known model” and bag of cocaine in Buenos Aires

by | 22nd, March 2012

OFFICIALS at Buenos Aires airpot found 2kg of cocaine in bag in possession of 68-year-old Briton Paul Frampton. Mr Frampton is the Luis D. Rubin Jr. Distinguished Professor of Physics and Astronomy at UNC University of North Carolina. He has not one, not two but thee degrees from Oxford University. He denies any knowledge of the drugs. Mr Frampton claims he was set up by a “well-known model” he met on the internet. He says a man – the model’s rep – gave him a bag. The man said the bag belonged to the “well-known model”. She had forgotten it. Would Mr Frampton be so kind as to deliver it?

The bag contained the drugs in a hidden compartment.

Says he:

“I am innocent. I will not be convicted. It is just that the Argentine justice system is very slow. There is easily enough evidence that I didn’t know there were drugs in the bag, and that will come out, I hope sooner rather than later.”

He adds:

“My reason for travelling to South America was to meet a friend, who is a very well-known model, but I was unable to meet her. I think that the representative of my friend, who gave me the tickets, is probably who is behind the drugs that were found in the suitcase.”

Well, he’s the professor with three degrees from Oxford.

He adds:

“I told my chairman that the chances I will be back by August 15 are 99.995 per cent, so I told him to put me on the teaching schedule for fall.”

Meanwhile, we want to know the identity of the well-known model? Anyone want to tell..?

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