Anorak News | Liam Stacey gets 56 days prison for racist Fabrice Muamba tweets

Liam Stacey gets 56 days prison for racist Fabrice Muamba tweets

by | 27th, March 2012

LIAM Stacey has been jailed for 56 days for posting offensive tweets about Bolton Wanderers’ player Fabrice Muamba. Liam Stacey, 21, was a third-year biology student at Swansea University when he made tweets defined as racially aggravated harassment. At Swansea Magistrates Court, District Judge John Charles told him:

“It was racist abuse via a social networking site instigated as a result of a vile and abhorrent comment about a young footballer who was fighting for his life. At the moment not just the footballer’s family, not just the footballing world but the whole world were literally praying for his life, your comments aggravated this situation. I have no choice but to impose an immediate custodial sentence to reflect the public outrage at what you have done.”

Stacey cried. His tweets were:

“LOL, F*** Muamba. He’s dead. HaHa”

He told others who upbraided him for his tweets – the recipients of these messages used avatars showing them to be black:

“You wog c***, go pick some cotton” ‘You are a silly c**t, your mum was a wog and your dad was a rapist’ and ‘Go suck a n*****’s d***’.”

Miss Barron added:

“The offence is clearly racially aggravated. There was sustained and gratuitous racism. These were unprovoked comments and persistent abuse. The recipients were disgusted.”

Liam Stacey is said to be no longer welcome at Swansea University.

Good, then. Justice served. No. Can the police deal with the other who sue twitter to foment violence?

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