Anorak News | Hero crow saves baby pigeon for later

Hero crow saves baby pigeon for later

by | 2nd, April 2012

NEWS that a crow (group name: murder) has saved the life of baby pigeon is a Daily Mirror scoop. Ben Griffiths says the “have-a-crow hero” “rescued” the baby pigeon by dragging it out of the path of on-rushing vehicles.

Chuka Okey saw the happening on a street in London:

“It just goes to show that acts of kindness are not just reserved to humans. I have no doubt that the pigeon’s days would have been numbered had the crow not stepped in.”

It’s always odd when human sensibilities and behaviour are fostered upon animals. Humans have no more idea what it’s like to be crow than they do a snooker ball. We guess – and we always make them like us.

Paul Stancliffe, a spokesman for the British Trust of Ornithology arrives to give an expert viewpoint on crow’s though processes:

“Some crows have brains the size of walnuts so I’m sure this crow knew what it was doing.”


“Unfortunately, crows survive from eating road kill so it is most likely that the crow was trying to move the bird out of the road so it could eat it later but you never know.”

That bird’s no hero. That bird just likes his meat still on the bone, or live and squirming…

Here’s a jihadi crow beheading a Christian missionary pigeon:

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