Anorak News | The Conflict after 30 years: 3,140 Falkland Islanders want to be British

The Conflict after 30 years: 3,140 Falkland Islanders want to be British

by | 2nd, April 2012

THE Falklands Islands are British because the 3,140 Falkland Islanders who live there want them to be…

Pictures of the war are here.

Sybie Summers, owner of the Pod gift shop, shows a five pounds note of local currency in Stanley, Falkland Islands. Falkland Islanders are still bristling over the invasion by Argentina 30 years ago, but they’re not complaining about its aftermath. The April 2, 1982 invasion led by Argentina’s dictators and the subsequent war with Britain launched a process that transformed the islands from a sleepy backwater of sheep farms into a prosperous outpost whose residents enjoy one of the highest per capita incomes in the Western Hemisphere.

Argentine soldiers as they line up to hand in their weapons to Royal Marines just outside Port Stanley on East Falkland following the surrender of the Falkland Islands.

A masked demonstrator sets fire to a Union Jack near the British embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Monday April 2, 2012. The protest marks the 30th anniversary of the Argentine and British conflict over the remote South Atlantic archipelago, the Falkland Islands. In all, 649 Argentines, 255 British soldiers and three islanders were killed in the 74-day occupation ending when British troops routed the ill-prepared Argentines in hard-fought trench warfare.

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