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The Secret Diary of Samantha Brick – My Struggle For Diana

by | 4th, April 2012

AS one of the mot successful women in the tabloid media – 4510 comments! – Samantha Brick at 40 (!) has had and done it all. With her blonde good looks, poise, much-loved wit and to-die-for breasts, brave Sam introduced us to Pascal, her dreamy French husband blessed the figure of a younger Gerard Depardieu figure and the luxuriant moustache of a fantasy figure in any one of the Asterix novellas.

Having selflessly opened up her successful private life to scrutiny, talented Samantha now responds to harsh comments on her self-declared beauty from the sublime comfort of her enviable and photogenic home (mixer taps and neo-peasant flagstones) in the ex-pat idyll of France.

She says “the past 24 hours have been…among the most horrendous of my life”.

Could she become famous? The wait was terrifying and not without sacrifice as the locals had expected Samantha to walk past their homes and into the town square at 8 sharp, as is customary on a Tuesday night when women rely on Samantha to whip their menfolk into a state of ardour. They would have to wait to see Samantha and her new outfit and shoes. Life had come knocking at Chez Star.

The story on how her beauty meant Sam had it easy was “a taboo that needed shattering”. Lesser personalities would have issued a press release, but Samantha Brick speaks from her heart. Not for her hiding behind a keyboard like an ugly brown-haired trolls with saddle bags and loose skin. Samantha Brick will address the jealous ones from the pages of the Daily Mail or, should things pan out, her own chat-show on BBC 1 or the balcony at Buckingham Palace.

Samantha has so much to say – so much that her life could be turned into a book or a peak-time Sunday night TV programme that features a blend of cooking, travel show and drinks party. And then a film with Gwyenth Paltrow as the older Samantha, reminiscing about the need for a new Princess Diana in these uncertain times…

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“Call me Samantha…”

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