Anorak News | China bans anyone talking about how unhappy they are

China bans anyone talking about how unhappy they are

by | 9th, April 2012

THE World Happiness Report (here) is banned in China. The United Nation’s publication ranked China the 112th happiest country out of 156 countries. China is not as happy as the UK (18th) but happier than Afghanistan and Chad.

Of course, the recipe and measure for happiness might be hard to define. For most Britons happiness is another parent’s badly behave child, being the first in the queue to spot a new supermarket checkout opening and changing lanes, tuning down Sarah Ferguson’s demand for a night of passion, pulling a shoelace trapped beneath your socked foot in a brogue, getting into bed, daytime telly and finding someone to blame for all your troubles.

In China, happiness is measured in a test in Happiness Class given by the ministry.

Spotter: China Digital Times 

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