Anorak News | Fiona Duff takes on Samantha Brick in misogynistic Daily Mail face off

Fiona Duff takes on Samantha Brick in misogynistic Daily Mail face off

by | 18th, April 2012

TODAY the Daily Mail are attempting to repeat last week’s highly successful article ‘Why Do Women Hate Me For Being Beautiful’ by Samantha Brick by publishing a precisely the opposite piece this week – ‘Why Do Women Love Me For Being A Plain Jane’ by Fiona Duff.

Fiona Duff is in her early 50′s, a writer and publicist. She divorced her first husband, the late award-winning comedy writer Harry Thompson, in 1997 after five years of marriage. They had two children together. She chronicled her divorce in the Daily Mail. She has now remarried and lives in Edinburgh.

For maximum impact the Mail’s photographic deptartment have set about making Fiona look as ‘frumpy’ as ‘frumpy’ could ever look to an audience. In their picture (above) they’ve made poor Fiona look as plain as a stale loaf of Wonder bread. I found another picture (inset) where Fiona doesn’t look as plain Jane as the Mail would have you believe.

In her article Fiona sets about telling us what it’s like to look a plain Jane. She begins by detailing a life most ordinary. She goes on to explain how that she totally understands Samantha Brick’s problems, ie women hating her for being beautiful, and says that being as ugly as a mud fence (like herself) has meant she has a veritable wealth of female friends, all of whom are way more beautiful than she is.

Fiona seems quite content to contribute to the Mail’s flip-flop policy of dissecting frogs then holding up a magnifying glass to results. It’s sad.

I’m sorry but I have to question the Mail’s idea that ugly is beautiful and beautiful is ugly. Is it any surprise that the NHS have issued over 7 million tranquilliser prescriptions to women in the last 12 months to ease their anxieties.

It’s easy to see why when publications like the Daily Mail feel it appropriate to have every women (in our overly competitive society) looking at themselves and wondering if they’re liked for being ugly or disliked for being beautiful, or quite where they stand.

The fact is ladies, you are all beautiful no matter what they say.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go find pictures of celebrities wearings Krocs to get my emotions in the right place again.

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