Anorak News | The Ammazza blog killer is an attack of freedom

The Ammazza blog killer is an attack of freedom

by | 19th, April 2012

IN Italy, plans are afoot to curtail free speech on the internet. The idea is that anyone libelled online can get instant satisfaction. The so-called “Ammazza blog” (blog killer”) proposal is outlined by Marco:

In order to protect people from online defamation, this law states that each webmaster of whatever website must rectify within 48 hours (even if you’re a private blogger who just left for the weekend!) any page on the website itself, if somebody just tells him or her (how?) that they consider themselves wronged by that page. No discussion or reply allowed, no judge needed, and the fine for not “rectifying” within 2 days is 12K Euros.

Il Fatto Quotidiano takes look at the stupidity:

A site writes about an arrest; the person arrested in prison could perhaps get his lawyer to say that it is not true that he has been arrested, and the Web site would be obliged to print this correction (without comment), or face a big fine.

Gigaom writes:

Because the law does not seem to discriminate between complaints that have a basis in reality and those that are factually incorrect — or give publishers room to verify the truth, they are concerned that it could effectively gag bloggers, newspapers and magazines from ever publishing anything potentially controversial.

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