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AFL becomes home ground for Muslims

by | 20th, April 2012

IN Australia, the Aussie Rules controllers want prayer rooms at all venues. The drive is being pushed by the AFL’s Bachar Houli, a Muslim:

Richmond’s Bachar Houli said more Muslims would go to the footy after the AFL announced prayer rooms must be provided at all venues. The requirement for Muslims to pray five times a day was stopping many from attending AFL games, the Tigers defender said.

Houli said many were forced to pray in carparks or stairwells at AFL grounds.

SBS reports:

Multicultural ambassador for the AFL Bachar Houli says there is a real need for prayer rooms in AFL venues. “I speak for the Muslim community, I get complaints [that] there’s nowhere to pray other than the carpark. It can be quite distubring [to pray] with people wakling [sic].”

This reports is priceless. The money quote: “If you want to pray, go to church…”

And why not get a room for every group’s interest: swingers, atheists, French speakers, people appalled by men in hot pants and boob tubes, smokers, masturbators, people who want to go shopping during the game and so on…”

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