Anorak News | Simon Cowell’s 11-times-a-night sex with most of Alicia Douvall

Simon Cowell’s 11-times-a-night sex with most of Alicia Douvall

by | 22nd, April 2012

IT’S open season on Simon Cowell’s love life says his PR Max Clifford. And so we journey to today’s shocker in the Sun that Cowell had sex with cosmetically stitched and unstitched Alicia Douvall, the “ex-model”, 11 times in one night. Not five times, as was once the tabloid staple. This is Cowell. The shag-ometer is cranked all the way up to 11.

This is, of course, the same Alicia Douvall who claimed to shagged married Chelsea captain John Terry, telling us and The News of The World:

“John was sitting in the VIP lounge with with Rio Ferdinand and some other men. I knew Rio hated me because of my past with some other footballers, so I was surprised when John beckoned to me. He told me, ‘I called you over because you’ve got really nice boobs’…He put a cocktail stirrer in my cleavage and made explicit remarks about what he’d like to do to me.”


“I think John tipped the toilet attendant to turn a blind eye. I was expecting it to get into the papers but it didn’t… I kept our affair quiet because I really liked him…

Now “Glamour girl Alicia Douvall” will tell us about her 11 tiems a night sex with Cowell.

She revealed the TV guru loved her to dress tarty for romps and would then analyse her technique as if he were judging a contestant on one of his hit shows.

He’s a talker.

And she recalled how by the end of their six-month relationship she was reduced to being his “Ten to Eleven” girl — a lover he would ring at around 10.50pm if he found himself alone.

You can see Cowell watching the 10 o’clock news, then popping downstair for bowl of cereal, making sure his eyebrows match his merkin and dialling 0800Douvall.

Such are the facts…


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Alicia Douvall leaving a London party. Cleavage, drunk, flash, car shot.

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