Anorak News | Japanese teen reunited with football lost in tsunami

Japanese teen reunited with football lost in tsunami

by | 23rd, April 2012

GOOD news. Firstly, Japanese teenager Misaki Murakami has got his ball back. The football was swept out to sea on March 2011 when a tsunami hit the town of Rikuzen-takata. It’s turned up on Alaska’s Middleton Island, 70 miles from the US mainland. American David Baxter found it on the beach.

US man David Baxter on a beach in Middleton Island. He gave it to his Japanese-born wife to look at, and she translated the message – Mr Murakami had been given the ball as a memento by his old school mates; his name and the name of his school were on his ball. Says the 16-year-old:

“I’m very grateful as I’ve so far found nothing that I’d owned.”

The Baxters also found a volleyball. The search is on for a Mr or Mrs “Mikasa“.

Menawhile, the football last seen being kicked by David Beckham, in the video is presumed lost in space…

Beckham Penalty Kick…The best bloopers are here

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