Anorak News | Ched Evans and Connor Brown give Sheffield United a problem

Ched Evans and Connor Brown give Sheffield United a problem

by | 23rd, April 2012

RAPIST Ched Evans played football for Sheffield United. Connor Brown still does. He plays in the reserves. Evans was sentenced to five years prison at Caernarfon crown court last Friday. He raped a woman who was “too drunk to consent” to sex.

Brown, 19, thought it was a good idea to go on twitter and call the rape victim a “money-grabbing little tramp”. Others thought it a good idea to name the rape victim.

Brown also labelled the judgement “a load of ****ing ***t”. He opined: “I’m with you geez.”

He added:

“If ur a slag ur a slag don’t try get money from being a slag… Stupid girls… I feel sick.”

The teenager’s employer’s issue a statement:

“Sheffield United confirmed today that an internal investigation is under way into social media comments made by reserve-team player Connor Brown following the verdict in the Ched Evans trial. The club is aware of a very serious matter regarding comments made through the Twitter account of one of its players. As a result we have launched an inquiry.”

An inquiry makes it sound so grand – far grander than verbally abusing a woman whose been raped. Brown has placed his club in a difficult position. What should they do? Sack Brown? Make him apologise in public?

A rape charity saw the nasty comments and complained to North Wales Police said, who being enlightened types and hard on misogyny told media:

“We are aware of some comments made on social media sites and we are collating all relevant information.”

Brown has said odious things. But he’s not a criminal. Perhaps having his name bandied about in the context of a rape is punishment enough, even if he was a willing participant? The thing is, Brown can support whom he likes. He can call the law an ass. Two lives have been ruined – the victim and the rapist’s. Connor Brown need not suffer. He should swallow his idiocy and move on. But he’s a footballer and that means he gets the attention, not all of it from “slags”. Others have said far worse in light of the rape. Others wanted Emma West raped and murdered. They have not had their names talked about in big media. Lucky them.

Note: If Brown played for my team, I’d never want to see him represent the club again.

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